Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WEIRD dream

So, I totally had this kind of awesome dream where I was in Japan, with my Dad (don't know where the rest of the family was) but it involved Time Travel, ultra secret computers and stolen technology, little sprites (think HP pixies, only about the size of a fly), a movie theater that I was visiting with a new friend, but turned out to be completely in Japanese with no subtitles and I was bummed about paying so much for a useless ticket, and the fate of the universe as I knew it was in my hands. Do you know, it's weird for me to have a dream where I'M the main character. I think it's because I know I'm not adventure type material, even in the back of my own brain.

Also, another portion of my dream involved this guy who was definitely some kind of sadist-assassin, who was ruining my friend's life, whose assistant transferred brains of people and left them in new bodies totally unaware of what was going on so that he could control them to do his bidding. And it involved this really whacky semi-hidden jumpdrive like object with a hose that was attached to the chest.

I'm going to have to do something with this. Once it is modified, because obviously things don't make sense once out of dreamstate. Like the brain controlling thing. Or Time Travel to the 1940's. Or the sprites, in the grand scheme of things. *sigh.*

I'm alone this week and next for the better part of the morning, due to family visiting other family and most everyone working. So I take care of the dogs and the house, and bake food and stuff. I'm going to look for a banana bread recipe since we have three very ripe bananas and they aren't good for anything else in that state.

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