Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sick is bad

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. Not too bad, so I took some medicine and tried to forget about it, although it kept getting worse as the day wore on. I was NOT very happy, since I had the ACT to retake the next morning from where it had been rescheduled (due to a power outage at the college). However everything would have been okay-- I went to bed at 10:00, feeling more drained than ever, but ALSO my nose started to run. My ears tend to plug up when I am sick and I spent about two hours listening to the sound of my heartbeat echo in my eardrum. Also my mouth kept filling with saliva which made it very difficult to swallow with a sore throat, and my ears feeling like they would burst every time I swallowed, too. NOT FUN. At all. I don't recommend getting sick the day before a test when you are already tired and worried about it.

So I still planned to go to the ACT when I woke up, but I was feeling so rotten my Mom basically suggested skipping it and setting up another test date. That makes it twice I've been ready to take the test but haven't gotten the chance to do so. So I slept in instead, for a good four hours more than I would have done otherwise, I feel a little better, but still rotten, and VBS is coming up next week too. I'd better not get sick for that, since I am working there.

Oh by the way, at least our train mural is done. I can't wait to see it up on the stage. I painted four hours worth of it Thursday, alone, while listening to Newsboys and Caedman's Call.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VBS Mural

I've been roped into helping design the VBS mural for the sanctuary, which is a train. (I'm doomed from now on if this turns out to look good, and I know it; everyone will be wanting my help with this kind of stuff. *sigh*) I used a projector and traced the main engine, but I came up with a passenger train and caboose design for the other parts of it. That was all done last night and I will be helping paint it this evening.

Also I will be making a jelly roll cake for desert this evening, with raspberries on top and a cream cheese and whipped cream and sugar mixture that is luscious. It is my one exception to my rule of NOT LIKING cream cheese frosting which in my opinion is too heavy and tastes funky and sour. This stuff is so light and fluffy it is a DREAM. I'd never go back to the normal cream cheese frosting ever again if I had the choice, and I'd love to see this on top of a carrot cake. I might even change my mind about the things if such a recipe were plausible. :-)

On top of that I have a new art project going on (well several at the same time) including two still lifes, one of which involves cherries and is simple, and the other which is more complicated and has a variety of textures and shiny surfaces. I've got a glass bottle, a clay vase with a dark brown stain, and a harmonica, which has lots of shiny metal parts. This should be interesting and a stretch of artistic ability, which I have been striving towards these last few weeks. I'm building up my portfolio for when I transfer and I'll have to have it ready by next semester probably around the middle. I'm not entirely sure; we shall see.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chinese Lanterns Charcoal

Mr. Leopall, I am posting this for you so you get a preview of the image. If it is not up to your standards, or you don't want me to use your photograph as reference, please note me back and I will not post it to DA.