Friday, July 17, 2009

Ohh, sandwich cookies!

So, I made wonderful cookies today that are really out of this world. I used a simple butter cookie recipe, halfed the butter and substituted margarine for some of it, and then added two tablespoons of lemon juice. I wish I'd put in at least one more tablespoon since the lemon flavor got a little lost. I also put raw sugar on top of the half of the cookies, sandwiched them between faux oreo filling from Secret Recipes, and ATE SOME COOKIES! They were so awesomely lovely, the oreo filling squishing in a delightful way between the cookies as I bit into them. I'm pretty sure it will harden as the cookies sit. Anyway, sixteen of the cookies are going to be gifts for people; I put them in handmade origami boxes, so hopefully they'll appreciate it. One is for a lady who has been taking me to choir practice and is a neighbor of ours; the other is for a guy who's hosting a party tomorrow afternoon. He said we didn't need to bring anything but I figure a gift for the host will be a tasteful gesture. (Maybe literally? I'll have to see if he likes the cookies, first, though.)

so yum, cookies. *drools*

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