Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Starting semester of community college!

SO, I have signed up and paid for all of my classes this semester and purchased my books! This is an exciting thing, because this semester will mark the end of my time at the local community college. I'll be able to graduate with an Associate's degree. After that I can move on and take art classes for two years to get my Bachelor's degree in Fine Art. I am looking forward to that very much-- all the art classes without having to suffer through the more difficult classes such as math and science. Because this semester I am taking my last science class-- zoology. It has a lab that I'm NOT looking forward to taking, but it's only for one semester right? This too shall pass.

I also need to find a part time job and hopefully get insurance. Also, finally get my driver's license. :-( What a hassle.

School starts August 17th. So little summer left. Where did it go?!

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