Tuesday, April 7, 2009

books read so far in 2009

Books read 2009

The Runner -Voight
Homecoming -voight
Dicey's Song -voight
Solitary Blue -voight
Songs from Afar -voight
Come a Stranger -voight
Batgirl year 1
Have Spacesuit Will Travel -heinlein
Beyond the Shadows -brent weeks
Cromartie High School vol 1
The Cat Who Walked Through Walls -heinlein
Job: Comedy of Justice -heinlein
Western Garden Annual
Guide to Knitting
One Jump Ahead -mark van name
Good Husband of Zebra Drive -a. smith
Miracle at Speedy Motors -a. smith
Green Hills of Earth -heinlein
Uncle Tungsten -o. sacks
Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone -rowling
My Family and Other Animals -g. durrell
Emily of New Moon -montgomery
The Giver -lowry
Double Star -heinlein
The Gate of Ivory- d. egan
Two-Bit Heroes -d. egan
Guilt-Edged Ivory -d. egan
The Ogre Downstairs -d. Jones
My Side of the Mountain -c. George
Farnham's Freehold -heinlein
Seventeen Against the Dealer -voight
Digger book 3 -u. vernan
Tunnel in the Sky -heinlein
King Lear -shakespeare

33 Books
1 Manga

34 novels

Not a very long list so far. Last year I read 161 books though! I'll get more time during the summer. I've got at least two authors with over fifty books each to read and I've got eight more I need to finish reading right now. Yes, I am bibliophile. I read just as much if not more online right now as well that I don't even factor in to my reading list. By the way, not all of these are new books either. Some of them are re-reads, but I count them anyway.

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