Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sort of a Creole Stir Fry

So I like to cook. I also like to invent new things; so here is a recipe I came up with that is totally easy and tastes AWESOME, and is ready in under ten minutes.

1 zucchini, chopped up into chunks
1/2 cup shelled edamame (soy beans)
6-8 thawed, pre-cooked shrimp, de-tailed
1 T olive oil
Creole seasoning to taste
fresh ground pepper (also to taste.)

Dump the zucchini, olive oil, pepper and seasoning into a stovetop pan. Cook for about seven minutes, add frozen edamame until they heat up. Add shrimp last; cook until zucchini are slightly browned or shrimp seem hot.

This is a delicious meal when paired with a potato (I microwaved mine in the oven while cooking the zucchini). Also, I think couscous would work or even rice. If I had had some black beans I might have added them into the stir fry, or peppers, or even some carrots. This can be made to taste. But it was a good use for a zucchini when I do not like them that much and a pretty dish!

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