Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twilight Imperium 3 (I WON IT! First time)

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DUUUDE! I just won Twilight Imperium 3 for the first time since we got it a couple of months ago! I am so happy. It is a tough game for someone who is not really that aggressive most of the time. Generally I have to work up to being able to play it especially since TI3 is also a very long game, although it is not so bad when the players know what they are doing. Also my brother, sister and I are the only ones in our family who play it.

So to give an overview of this board game, if you don't already know about it; there's a board made of hexes with different planets that are set out into a galaxy map. There are eight player mats to choose from with different races. Each race has a different ability, which is determined by military strengths and weaknesses and technological advances. Yes, that's right! There's a tech tree like in the computer Civilization games, and it is awesome. Also there are different roles that each player chooses for that round. Players can build ships and expand out into the galaxy step by step, until they expand too far. Then of course they may have to declare war on another player. Wars are handled much in the same way as wargames; dice are won for different kinds of ships and ground troops. Last but not least, there is a political system and a resource structure used to vote and buy things respectively. At the center of the galaxy is the capital (think Coruscant from Star Wars) that is the political center and gives the most overall votes to the player who controls it.

So-- to break down how I won the game after being behind and at 4 victory points total out of ten (when at most a player might be able to get 3 points per round) I got my secret objective card worth 2 points, got 9 technologies for another 2 points, and I also had a strategy role card that allowed me to get yet another 2 points. YAY! It was AWESOME! I had it all planned out, although I was worried that my brother, who was sitting decked out in full battle array, would attack me with his warsun (death star), destroyers, 15 ground troops and 6 fighters. I would have been toast.

However he didn't, and I managed to win for the first time. Hoorah! Huzzah! And all that jazz.

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