Friday, May 9, 2008


Went and saw it yesterday. Man, that was a mind-blowing movie! Haven't seen a film in theatre since Rattatouille (that was fun too!), but this was totally worth it to be able to see it in a GOOD theatre with good seats and a good screen and an excellent sound system.

Do yourself a favor and don't go to a crappy movie theatre to see this flick, it's worth it to see Ironman in a great theatre!

There's character development, a good storyline, and it's not really that cheesy, especially for a superhero movie. And the action scenes are good, and there's no lag time. Something is always happening. Tony Stark is hilarious, Miss Pepper Potts is hot, and the dialogue is great between all characters. Oh. And I want one of their computers . . .

I'm not going to spoil it for you, but if you want to know the basics-- Tony Stark's father helped build the atom bomb, sets up this world famous weapons manufacturing company, and Tony Stark becomes CEO at a young age because he is genius mechanic. His life is on the top of the world; he can have any girl he wants, be invited to any party, is on the front of every newspaper imaginable. Then everything goes south when he gets kidnapped, and Tony has to come to terms with who he is and his life in general. And that's ALL I'm telling you. GO SEE this movie!

Even though the Batman movie is coming out later this summer, it's going to have to work hard to pull ahead of Ironman, in my opinion. ^.^ I look forward to watching that, too.


Also! Finished school, am still waiting for a report on one of my grades in my classes (I've got 3 A's and a C so far).

We also just sat down and watched the new Avatar episode DVD with my sister, who hasn't seen them yet, and that was fun as well. Avatar is picking up. Hopefully I won't have to wait so long for the next episode. >.<

AND I downloaded GIMP to my Mac, since I no longer have Photoshop (crappy elements 2 works on classic mode for Mac, which Leopard doesn't support.)

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