Friday, December 21, 2007

Cookies! soooo tempting.

Well, work today was long and boring; the bulletins took forever to fold and stuff because there were about 50 extra copies. At least there were only four inserts for each one this time. Linz is baking lovely smelling cookies in the next room, and I'm seriously tempted to go over and beg her for one or two. Mom has some boxes to return and she refuses to give them back empty, so she asked Linz to make some cookies-- so that means I may not get any. But it never hurts to try.

Christmas is so close I can taste it. The pile of presents under our tree has grown substantially bigger, I've wrapped all of my presents with the last of my purple paper with sparkle-y silver stars. I should check our little wooden advent tree to see if I have a drawer to open.

Mom finished shopping so there's a bunch of lovely new food in the house. That means there's more stuff for me to work with, too! I'm considering making cinnamon rolls for breakfast and surprising everyone, because we so rarely have them. We haven't had any this past year, for example, so I'm thinking it's about time.

Finished watching the new Avatar episode (well, new to me; I'm about a week behind), still can't envision Zuko in his new role. And yes, he is pretty sucky as a good guy, but only because the writers rushed his character development.

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