Thursday, December 27, 2007

Framing pictures for exhibit!

yeah, and it's a lot of work; I've got them sprawled out on thing living room floor right now. And buying 18 by 24 inch frames? Not cheap. Five frames ran me about $120 dollars because they weren't on sale. Not to mention the 16 by 20 frames I had to get earlier this month as well.

I really, really hope some of my things sell. I mean, they're nice ( has a lot of them up in my gallery, but wow . . . . this is an expensive venture. But it's the next step toward becoming an artist: actually being able to support the supplies I buy for my paintings and the labor that went toward them.

Oh! And I think I'm getting the hang of this knitting thing! I have figured out how to do alternating rows of knit and purl without adding more loops; it all has to do with the way you twist your yarn while purling or knitting. Before I didn't realize this and kept adding loops by accident. And then working over that new row kept getting me very, very frustrated. However, now I have a very decent stockingette stitch going on. (I think that's what it's called?) Again, I am just learning this stuff. Every line I finish I think, this is one more line toward eventually making hats, gloves, or socks.

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