Thursday, December 20, 2007

Comfort food

It's cold weather again, although honestly there's only been a little bit of snow in my area. Mostly it's been wet and drizzly, and the wind blows right through the bare trees. Well, mostly bare. The pines moderate things, but not as much as they might. When it does snow, because we're in a valley, we get our inch of snow for about a week longer than everyone else. ^.^

Winter always means certain types of food that I never get to have any other time of the year--
like peppernutter cookies, beef stew, minestrone, lentil soup; oh, and grilled cheese sandwiches are the best on day-old homemade half-wheat bread when it's cold outside, especially with a bowl of any of the previously mentioned soups. Then there's pumpkin pie and gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate. Eggnog is pretty decent too, although we don't generally have it even during Christmas time. Dutch Baby Pancakes, all puffy and eggy goodness. Oh, and I just discovered that tea is actually pretty good this winter, too-- but it has to be loose-leafed tea, because it has a better flavor than dratted teabag things. I'll add that to the list. Challah bread seems pretty seasonal too, as well as crescent rolls, but those are mostly holiday breads like for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Spaghetti, due to the fact that pasta and tomato sauce are both easily stored in pantry and becomes a nice, easy hot meal. Indian curries and basmati rice, although I can't cook that very much because I don't have the right ingredients most of the time-- and the nearest Indian market is sadly two hours away. Lessee-- oh, mashed potatoes are a classic too.

I think that about wraps up the favorite winter dishes for right now. I decided to make this blog because I had one in the past and yet lost it when Blogger when to Google accounts. So here's this new one. I will try to do better with it than aleatorica and keep it updated, which I think will be fairly easy to do since I have a lot more going on nowadays.

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